God's wisdom for christians

struggling with anxiety

Anxiety is a part of life. But many experience it not just as everyday stress, but debilitating symptoms that affect their whole lives. According to Beyond Blue, around 25% of people living in Australia will experience an episode of clinical anxiety at some point in their life. The statistics are similar for the Christian community. So, does the Bible have anything to say about anxiety? Is it a sin, or just part of living in a fallen world? Does it have any purpose in God’s world? What does it mean to respond to anxiety as those who know they’ve been rescued by Jesus? 

Join us to think through God’s kind wisdom that equips us to respond faithfully in the face of anxiety.

WHEN: Saturday, November 12th

WHERE: at Yagoona Anglican - church for all nations

213 Auburn Rd, Yagoona

TIME: 9-12pm with a light lunch afterwards


Paul grimmond

Paul Grimmond is the Dean of Students at Moore Theological College, Sydney, where he loves his job teaching students to preach and grow in self-awareness so that they can serve others in ministry. Before joining the faculty at Moore he worked as a pastor and ministry trainer, as well as spending a stint as editor and author at Matthias Media. He is a keen amateur photographer and musician and loves spending time with his family (when they aren’t teasing him mercilessly).