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'Introduction to he Bible - Part 1' shows how the great themes of the Bible fit together into one story that spans both the Old and New Testaments. At the centre of the story is Jesus and this course shows how God’s plan to redeem his people, which begins with promises to Abraham and continues through the fortunes of the nation of Israel, reaches its climax at the cross.

Invest 5 Sunday afternoons in learning how the Bible fits together 


In term 3 we will finish the course over 5 more Sunday afternoons.


When: Sunday afternoons over 5 weeks.  

Where: Online via zoom until we are able to meet physically again


Option 1: Physical book - pay $20 for the participants book

Option 2: Online Yearly Subscription - pay $48 dollars for a yearly subscription to have access to online notes, quizzes and exam preparation. You can choose option 1 and 2 as well.

Option 3: Unit Enrolment - pay $50 and enrol in this unit online and you will be able to take an exam at the end of the unit and work toward an award.


Term 3 starts: Sunday, 25th July from 4:30pm to 6pm on zoom (participants will be emailed a zoom link - book below) 

For more information, please explore the Moore College Preliminary Theological Certificate site


or email Kingsley:




Sunday, 25th July, 4:30-6pm: Unit 6 - The Kingdom of David and God’s purpose

Sunday, 1st Aug, 4:30-6pm: Unit 7 - God’s purpose renewed

Sunday, 8th Aug, 4:30-6pm: Unit 8 - Jesus the fulfiller of God’s purpose

Sunday, 15th Aug, 4:30-6pm: Unit 9 - The Gospel for the Nations

Sunday, 22nd Aug, 4:30-6pm: Unit 10 - Awaiting the fulfillment - the Apostle’s writings




special training session: 

how to read the book of revelation - with david shead

A dragon with seven heads. A plague of locusts from the Abyss. The mark of the beast. What’s going on?!? This has to be the greatest puzzle of all time, doesn’t it? A fearful mystery only open to a select few?


Not at all! You might be surprised to know that Revelation is actually the simplest book in the Bible! After all, it’s a ‘Revelation’, written to reveal and not conceal the truth. And with a couple of simple keys, you can see that for yourself.


And when you do, you will discover that, as well as being simple, Revelation is one of the most encouraging and uplifting books in the Bible, written precisely for people like us, who know how hard it can be to live for Jesus in this world.


What are those simple keys to reading Revelation? The great news is that you already have them! So come along and find out what they are and how they work – and in the process, unlock one of the most wonderful and inspirational treasures of God’s word.

David Shead is the Minister at Cambridge Park Anglican Church. He loves God’s word, the Bible, and loves seeing the spark of that word come to life in people’s hearts. And while he loves the whole Bible, David has had a particular and long-term interest in the Bible’s last book – the book of Revelation – and will talk about that to anyone, anytime!


In his spare time, David enjoys playing music, taking photos, and having his heart broken by the Wests Tigers on an almost weekly basis. David and Bronwyn have been married for 28 years and have 3 adult children.